Drug Rehabilitation Program In Mississippi


(Please Also See Bordering States Including: Alabama; Arkansas; Louisiana; Tennessee)

At first blush, someone considering drug rehabilitation in Mississippi may not think it looks like such a long-term project. While detox is harsh (depending on the type of addiction the person is dealing with), rehab may only take another month if the patient lives onsite. For others – and again, this is widely variable – then treatment and counseling may go on for a few months full or part-time.

However, for a large number of individuals struggling with recovery, rehab is going to be an ongoing process which must (in some cases) be very closely monitored and structured for at least three months following cleansing, then anything from another month to better than a year. Mississippi healthcare workers make the decision along with their clients and possibly their families based on what is going on in their lives.

It’s fairly common knowledge that a lot of people are tempted to try drugs for more-or-less superficial reasons, like curiosity. Sadly, even with as much support from professionals and even athletes and celebrities to avoid drugs and not succumb to peer pressure, many people (especially young people) continue to try drugs in order to “fit in” (see this young person’s thoughts on this subject as an example). And, as we know, for many individuals who intend to “just try” drugs – “trying” becomes abuse and addiction.

Addiction therapy could be a matter of detox (one might not even need to take this step), followed by outpatient counseling for a month or two, followed by turning this individual over to a family that will watch him and love him.

In a number of instances, substance abuse begins as a cry for help (for adults as well as teenagers); as a way to assuage guilt, pain, terror, or remorse. Men, women, and even young people are living with demons they cannot seem to lock away or evict from their minds.

Drugs block out the nightmares for a while. They promote sleep or produce artificial joy. In the sober light of a new morning, the consequences become clear. Now, even more remorseful and ashamed, the addict uses drugs once more to forget how bad he thinks he is.

Mississippi mental health and addiction counselors are there to tell these people that they can start again. Anyone can. Getting back onto even footing will be a hard and painful climb, but from there clients can continue their upward momentum if they do the work.

This work involves intensive one-on-one therapy sessions. Behavioral changes will have to be made. Do you find yourself letting bad thoughts take control even without evidence to support them? Do you make negative assumptions about yourself which also suggest negative things about other people?

Maybe your problem is that someone has taught you to think that you are worth nothing and that the world would be a better place without you. Allow someone who knows better to teach you the contrary. What the world can do without is the person you think you are, not the person you really are.

A lot of people have been hooked on a substance for so long that they have forgotten how to hold down a job, left their high school education unfinished, and are afraid of independence. Transitional arrangements with support in the background give these adults confidence to live with other recovering addicts before becoming completely independent of rehab services.

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