Minnesota Drug Rehabilitation Program

Drug rehabilitation takes many shapes in Minnesota. Passionate addiction experts use their personal beliefs and, sometimes, personal recovery stories to inform their choice to work with a particular rehab model, or even to create their own. Here are just some of the ideas at work in Minnesota.

Christian Rehab

fish-symbol-christianityEven the secular rehab community has noticed that a Christian rehabilitation program yields substantially higher success rates than many secular models. A lot of clients leave a faith-based center feeling linked to the world and an important part of it.

Also, they thrive on the expectation that participants serve, taking ownership of their rehab center, the running of it, and how well it operates for everyone. Each member is usually given a job (at residential rehab) such as yard work, cooking, cleaning, etc. Members of these rehab centers like to feel useful. They go on to be useful members of a wider Minnesota community.

Holistic Rehab

A lot of good is being said about holistic health. Practitioners address mental, spiritual, and physical needs at the same time. Each of these elements is as important as the others, whereas some centers leave out mental and/or spiritual healing.

The spirit referred to at a clinic might or might not be connected to a specific theology. A humanist perspective is popular, with clients worshiping whatever is good in themselves and the world.

Youth Services

Addiction professionals who treat drug addicts who have not reached the age of majority see the same types of problems repeatedly. Young boys abuse drugs because life is hard. They cannot keep up in school. They have dyslexia, ADD, or body image issues.

Girls are frequently ruled by hormones, confusion, and a belief that perfection could be attained if only they weighed 72 pounds instead of 120. The answer is to use drugs which take away their hunger and the torment of always feeling unworthy.

Students have these issues (and even more traumatic ones such as sexual molestation) addressed at a substance abuse center or a youth mental health clinic. Typically, drug abuse is the side effect, not the crux of a problem. Then again, more than one teen has been seduced by a substance because it made him feel rebellious, grown up.

Mature Students

Every person on earth is a student in some respect, or at least they could be. Learning never has to stop. Grandma had no idea she would become addicted to the pain killers she was taking to cope with arthritis pain, but now she is. Can she learn how to get off of opiates, or at least reduce her reliance on them? Of course, if she wants to. Rehab services have been set aside in many communities for older adults.

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